Pearl ID might accurately scan your face even when iPhone 8 is laid flat

The rumored facial recognition feature on iPhone 8, internally called Pearl ID, should be capable of scanning a user’s face reliably even when the phone is laid on its back on a flat surface, according to evidence uncovered from the HomePod firmware by Brazilian outlet iHelp.

Classes as an accessibility feature, the feature is referred to as “AXRestingPearlUnlock” and “”. Read More…

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Governor OK’s Bill Easing Gender ID Change for Transgender People


Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed a plan making it easier for transgender people to change the gender listed on their birth certificates.

The Republican signed the measure into law Friday without offering comment.

The new law allows transgender individuals to change their gender designation with authorization from a medical professional confirming they have undergone medically appropriate treatment. Current law requires proof of a surgical operation. Read More…

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No Credit Check Apartments For Rent in Boise Idahoe

Creditworthiness of a person is always measured using their credit report. Lots of people are always under the daunting threat of these reports, and credit card companies and loan lenders make use of this report to deny or accept our financial request. These lenders, however, are not the only people who utilize these credit reports. Property owners often use them to analyze the creditworthiness of a person and their financial capacity to pay lease on time. This article provides you some interesting details around no credit check apartments for rent in Boise Idahoe. Read More…

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How to Choose Apartments for Rent in Boise Idahoe

There may be a need to rent an apartment because of many reasons. You may want to move to a different location, or you just want to rent a spacious apartment or want to find a residence until your new residence is ready. In fact, you should learn all the proper procedures and the necessary factors to follow before you rent a place. Go through this article and get know more about Apartments for rent in boise Idaho. Read More…

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